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04:43pm 29/07/2009
mood: calm
Miss Blackwell is very Nice actually, when you get to know her. I thought she would be. I have been sitting with her Sometimes when I am not at work and talking. I showed her the article about Divination that was in this month's Quibbler and she found it very Interesting, she asked me to try it for her but I do not think she was happy with the Results as her future husband's first name begins with a Q and his surname begins with Vu, she left before I could determine whether the V was actually an L. An L would make a great difference you See, it could be her husband's name is Lufkin or Ludd then and I do not know many surnames that begin with a V.

But that is all right, I am sure she will be back Tomorrow. And I finally Succeeded in completing the divination for myself as well.
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06:08pm 02/07/2009
mood: curious

Llanfair pwellgy




Oh bother. I was so Close to finishing, too.
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02:49pm 28/06/2009
mood: pleased
I think it is quite Lovely really. The algae is such a nice Deep green. And that is a sign that the water is Healthy that it can support so much life. Perhaps we could add some Fish to it, I think it would be very nice and convenient as well. And watching Fish swim is very relaxing you know.

I think the Plimpies would like it actually, perhaps I will bring one or two back with me from Daddy's to see for Certain.
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11:24pm 13/06/2009
mood: worried
I am going to Protect the woman who is looking for Lee Jordan so please do not try to Attack her because I would not enjoy hexing any of you, or anyone at all in Truth but more specifically, those of you living in the same Building as I who are my neighbours and Some of you my friends.

But I will if I Must.
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06:58am 03/06/2009
mood: curious

I was Asked about a new building Today but I do not think I was very helpful as I had never Noticed it before.

Where did it Come from? It appears to Have a foundation so I do not think a Giant put it there last night.

How odd.
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09:39pm 26/05/2009
  Eddie, do you Know where Jeremias and his cat have gone? Michael said you Might as the two of you are friends, perhaps Three if you include the cat.  
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06:30pm 20/05/2009
mood: bouncy

Where is Jeremias and his Cat? I had hoped he would return after the Winter but I have been unable to find either of them. I wish I had taken them In now, they were such nice company and he had very interesting hair for a human.

I hope they are both warm and Dry.
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09:43pm 02/05/2009
mood: pensive
It is Quiet.

It is often Quiet but it is strange to look at the calendar and recall how quiet it was Not on that day. Not that I forgot the day, Dennis went home to his family for the weekend which is unusual and besides it is difficult to Forget something of that nature. It feels Wrong to eat my steak.

I think I would like some Music today.
07:33pm 15/04/2009
  It was very exciting to be Small! I am not anymore which perhaps you guessed when I said it was exciting and not it is, but as I am still Writing rather small perhaps you could not read it without Special instruments.

I am not certain Why I am writing so small still, perhaps it simply feels Right. Except that is a bit odd as it is Difficult to write like this. Can it Feel right to do difficult things?

I was given a black Eye by some manner of Insect.
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whisper swallow simmer sullen sorrell listen silenT   
06:19pm 24/03/2009
mood: sleepy
Do I see you coming home
Coming home to me
Could it be you that I see
Coming home to me
From your day by the sea

Sunday hum. It was a lovely Holiday really.

But also Sad.

But it always is in Truth, and not always in the unpleasant Sense. Rather like Truth really.

Do I see you weary weave
Weary weave your way
Could it be you that I see
Weary weave your way
From your day by the sea

That would be such an interesting thing to Do, in theory. Of course it is possible that it would become Dull. Some things do, I have heard. I have not come across many Myself, but the general consensus seems to be that it is true.

Daddy was doing better this year than he has in the Past, and better is always good.

Perhaps I will have a Nap. Hum.
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sex chocolate me maty enigma absurd serendipity fabulous gorgonzola yes Pteranodon love   
05:06pm 22/02/2009
mood: enthralled
Oh! I am a Judge so that means I can still use the words can I not? So I could write a Sentence like "Yes, Maty the Pteranodon is fabulous in her Absurd love of chocolate enigmas." Or "Me, I believe that Serendipity is secondary to sex, except where Gorgonzola is concerned."

But none of you can Write that because you will lose Points.

How interesting!
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08:35pm 11/02/2009
mood: curious
Everyone is Dressed so oddly.

Am I in the twilight Zone? I have heard it is a dimension not only of Sight and sound but of mind and that seems rather Appropriate here.

It does not seem Particularly wondrous though so perhaps it is not that after All.
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10:05pm 01/02/2009
mood: pensive
Oh. Hum.

I like Surveys.
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08:13pm 25/01/2009
mood: curious
Eddie, Michael said you know a lot about Prostitution. Can you Tell me? And does Maty know? Are you well Acquainted with pornography as well? If so perhaps you should go on a Trip until the investigation blows over, it would be very sad if you were Imprisoned.
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04:50pm 24/01/2009
  Well that's rather Silly. Daddy would never let me be part of a prostitution Ring.  
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05:43pm 21/01/2009
mood: pensive
Hum. I thought I would be back by now like Some people are.

Perhaps I should not eat so Many sweets in future. But they were Quite delicious really. It would be much Easier to not eat sweets if they were not delicious but I suppose they would not be very Effective or enjoyable foodstuffs then so perhaps it would not be very profitable to do that. But these were Homemade so perhaps that does not matter.

However at least my Wandwork is still effective, I made a string of snow angels and charmed their wings to Move outside the building. Perhaps I will name them, but then it would be More sad when they melted so perhaps I will Not after all.
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09:08am 16/01/2009
mood: sad
I did not mean for him to See me, I only wanted to show Ginny and get some clothes. But I was Right that Daddy would not want me to leave the house until I was well again which is a Comfort I suppose although it would be a Greater comfort if I were not locked in my bedroom now. It is very Unfortunate as the snow is so pretty and I would like to make Angels.

I wonder if Ginny would be willing to break me Out. Could somebody please Tell her? I have my blue coat ready and a very nice scarf and Hat.
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11:55pm 03/01/2009

I would like to Thank my santa as the photograph was quite Lovely, but also sad. The Tree or perhaps they were just branches looked like it was trying to Escape from its situation but of course could Not. It has reminded me of a great Many things and I shall put it on my wall at Home, I would take it to work for decoration but I do not have an area to decorate as such.

The new year was very nice, and the crystals sang particularly Well this time. Daddy almost did not want to use them but he changed his mind after All. I am glad he did, Mum quite liked them and it would have been sad to go Without.

I enjoyed my time Covering for Lee Jordan the other day there were quite a Lot of calls but some of them were a bit Rude or confusing. I think perhaps they were trying to reach someone Else, I am not sure why anyone would be so interested in my Wardrobe.

There are Icicles outside. They appear friendly, but there is no Tried and true way to be certain.

I miss the singing, of Humans not crystals. I suppose it had good reason to stop as it was Christmas in theme but that does not necessarily mean it Must.
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08:56pm 17/12/2008
  The position is working out fairly Well so far or at least I think so as no one has told me Otherwise yet. The WWN has a very interesting Building, that is for certain. The woman at the front Desk does not appear fond of me however. And I am running out of reading Materials with the show three nights a week, besides that I have already Read most of the books I own. I think it would be Nice to start something new does anyone have any Suggestions? Something very thick or with a great many sequals would be Preferable because that would take up more time, and I would also like it to not be in Gobbledegook because I do not read that.  
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10:11pm 08/12/2008
mood: pensive

Well it is very Different this year to how it was last, that is all I can Say I suppose.
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